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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) reviews all proposed courses, changes, and programs at the undergraduate level and recommends appropriate policy to improve and develop the undergraduate academic programs. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee communicates in writing, through its secretary, its recommendations to the Faculty Senate, by way of the Executive Committee.

Columns of the J.K. Williams Administration Building

Important Dates

Meetings conducted in Zoom during the months of September - December and during the months of February - July business will be conducted by E vote.

Schedule & Deadlines

June 21, 2024
Agenda Items Due for UCC Meeting
July 3, 2024
UCC Monthly Meeting - E-Votes are due by Noon
June 28, 2024
Comments Due for the Meeting are due by Noon
July 2, 2024
Resolutions Due for Meeting are due by Noon
July 8, 2024
Deadline to Submit Items to Faculty Senate